Dorico 3 Crash & more

Hi I just bought Dorico 3 and the problems are already starting and getting stuck and unable to work and make me loose a lot lot of time.
Dorico Crashees !!! Too Many times
Unable to write a sixteentgh note on a drum Beat (Dorico stuck on 8th notes) even though I change the quantization.
Weird notation appear on drum Track … etc…
please fix these many problems…
thank you

A picture is useless. After Dorico crashes, please post a Diagnostics file (it’s on the Dorico help menu).

By weird notation, are you referring to the green flags? Those are signposts, here indicating the presence of hidden chord symbols. You can turn them off from the View menu. They don’t print.

Regarding note entry: can you specifically list the steps you’re following that aren’t working as expected? It’s possible the frustrations you’re experiencing are user error.

Welcome to the forum, Batteur57. I’m sorry you’re experiencing crashes. As others have said, you will need to provide us with some crash logs for us to be able to help. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file that will be produced on your desktop, called Dorico, to a reply here.