Dorico 3 Crash when Logic or Cubase opened

Hi. I’m having a very disruptive issue where when I have Dorico open, and I open a DAW such as Logic Pro or Cubase, Dorico completely crashes and I have to force quit. I seem not to be able to have both programmes open simultaneously, but both work fine when open on their own. I use Logic or Cubase as a piano sound controlled by a midi keyboard as a composing tool, and Dorico as the writing tool, so really need both open at the same time.

I used to be able to do this absolutely fine, using Logic as a piano sound and Dorico worked perfectly, but since getting Cubase 10.5 a few weeks ago this problem has appeared. I’ve updated everything to the most up to date versions possible. Any help you might have would be extremely gratefully received!

Welcoe to the forum, JPacey95. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. My immediate guess is that you’ve got some kind of MIDI feedback loop going on, and it’s choking Dorico. Go to the Play page of Preferences and click the MIDI Input Devices button, and disable any IAC or other software buses you might inadvertently be using as input devices. I suspect what’s happening is that the MIDI from Logic or Cubase is being fed into Dorico as input data via the IAC bus, and that’s causing everything to go bananas.

If that doesn’t help, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from within Dorico and attach the resulting zip file from your Desktop to a reply here, and we’ll take a deeper look.

Hi Daniel, thanks so much for your answer. Unfortunately that hasn’t fixed the issue. I’m attaching the diagnostics report here. I’m using a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 as my audio interface, and a Nektar Impact GX61 as my midi keyboard. I have just tried loading up a piano in Cubase, which works fine, then when I opened Dorico my project creates sound, but the midi no longer creates sound in Cubase. If I try opening Dorico first and then opening Cubase (or Logic), when Cubase starts working that’s when Dorico crashes. Sorry it’s such a complicated issue!

To confirm, it seems the crash issue occurs when Dorico is opened first and then a DAW is opened, and if the DAW is open first and then Dorico is opened, the DAW stops receiving midi input data but Dorico works.
Dorico (1.64 MB)

My colleagues Paul and Ulf are on the case, so hopefully they’ll have some ideas shortly.

Unfortunately no crash log was created so it’s hard to diagnose any further at the moment. The last thing in the Dorico log is that it’s detected that the MIDI devices have changed. Do you have the IAC bus active? If so, try disabling it to ensure that you don’t get MIDI feedback loops. Also try starting Dorico and Cubase without the MIDI keyboard connected, to see if that’s causing problems.

Hi all. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I’ve opened up both Cubase and Dorico with my midi keyboard switched off, and then once both programmes were open turned it back on, and that seems to have fixed things! Must be some strange routing coming from the midi keyboard itself. Many thanks, and keep up the great work!