Dorico 3 crashes when opening file

Dorico 3 crashes each time I try to open a specific file.
I’ve got 5 automatic backup files of this project and the same goes for all of them.
So I assume it is not the file itself that is corrupt but rather something I did in the project last time I worked on it that causes the crashes.
Is there any possibility of opening such a file to diganose and fix it?

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file called Dorico that is created on your desktop to a reply here, along with your project file (which you will also need to zip up), and we’ll take a look and see what’s going wrong.

Hi, the first occurance was today?

Can you open any other file with Dorico? E.g. via Explorer, Documents/Dorico-Projects and double-click?

Thanks Daniel.
Here’s the Diagnotiscs file.
Dorico (1.74 MB)

Yes, I can open all other files I’ve tried to open. Even former versions of the file in question

Ossur, unfortunately there are no crash logs in there. Could you please follow the instructions under “Dorico is crashing – what should I do?” in the FAQ thread, which will ensure Dorico produces mini-dump files when it crashes? Please also do provide your project file so that we can try to reproduce the problem.

Hello Daniel.
The new zip file is to large to be accepted, so here’s a dropbox link

The dorico file is zipped and attached.
ÞJ Installation 2019 (1.43 MB)

Thanks for attaching the project, Ossur. I’m going to ask somebody in the team to take a look at this, but since it’s still the holiday period I’m afraid it could be up to a week before I have any further information for you. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Daniel :slight_smile:
I admire your commitment, didn’t really expect you or anyone else to answer my post on a Sunday during holidays.
So I’ll wait patiently (and happily), knowing you all are doing your best to solve my problem.
Happy New Year!

Daniel, any news on this problem?

Hallo, I updated this morning and Dorico crashes/disappears on opening one specific project. Other older projects are opening just fine.

(I tried to attach a generated Dorico diagnostics file but am prevented "file too large)

How can I downgrade too at least be able to work?

Ossur, your file should open correctly in Dorico 3.1 with no problems – please give it a try.

veetguitar, please send me the project and you diagnostics to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I will look into you problem as quickly as possible.

Thanks Daniel.
Managaed to open the file in Dorico 3.1 without problems.
Seems to be working correctly now.
Thank you so much for helping me out :slight_smile: