Dorico 3 crashes

Hi Dorico team,
although a lot has been already said and written about new Dorico 3 once again congratulations for really groundbreaking work especially with condensing feature, but also an overall experience which is unparalleled, at least for my taste.
Upon install, I noticed the thing with Noteperformer which I solved as described in this: thread and everything worked fine. I did not work a lot but I opened some files and everything worked well. Unfortunately yesterday I opened a file I was working on press play and it crashed. Then I tried again and it crashed again. Then whatever I tried to do Dorico just kept crashing, even when I would just try to change something in preferences. Then I wanted to open a Dorico 2.2 but I got this message and couldn’t even open the software. I restarted quite a few times, unzipped NP patch again with no success at all. The problem persisted today too. In the process, I have made a diagnostic report (but couldn’t attach it here becouse file is too large?, but i will send it to mail) and screenshots. Please help?
dorico pro 2 audio died.PNG
dorico pro 3 audio died.PNG

Sorry to hear you’re having audio engine problems. Have you rebooted your computer since the problems began? If Dorico crashes, you may also need to go to Task Manager and make sure that the VSTAudioEngine process is also quit, otherwise Dorico may fail to start up again, or may hang while it tries to reconnect to the audio engine, and depending on the state the engine was in when Dorico went away that may or may not be possible.

If your project consistently crashes when you play it back, please zip it up and attach it here so we can take a look and see what might be going wrong there.

I rebooted at least 10 times and didn’t have a problem with starting Dorico 3 again, and it showed the same behavior on few projects of different profile. The main problem is that whatever I try to do it crashes immediately or after second click. Dorico 2.2 however didn’t open at all. So I am unable to work completely. I will send diagnostic report but could you tell me the email address?

You can send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Sent! I hope i got the email address right.

The main crash here is in NotePerformer. We’ve already let Arne know about this issue (and will pass on your crash logs to him as well) so hopefully it will be resolved in a future NotePerformer update.

I’ve looked into the diagnostics report, and what’s happening here is that your graphics card driver crashes.

Although my intentions are to try and find what’s causing the driver to crash, and avoid that somehow, the underlying cause is a critical error in your graphics card driver. So this problem may potentially be resolved by updating the driver for your graphics card. It would definitely be worth a shot.