Dorico 3 Download problem

ok thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Hi Daniel, I thought I’d flag that I’m getting a similar error message when I try to install the direct download, albeit on macOS.

It is saying that the file is damaged and should be moved to the bin.
Dorico Sound installer error messge.png
Am I the first Mac user to be getting such an error message?

Any help would be appreciated. Dorico works great… I’m doing the trial now and I can see how superior it is to Sibelius! I REALLY would love to get this resolved.

Many thanks,

I’ve not seen any other reports of this, Tom. Have you tried downloading the content installer via Steinberg Download Assistant?

Hi Daniel, yes I’ve tried a number of times to download the sounds through the download assistant but it never gets through the verification stage of the download/installation. I just get the following message…
Installation error message Dorico Sounds.png
I’ve also downloaded the direct download onto my iPad and dropped it across to my Mac but I still get the error message saying that the file is damaged.

Any suggestions?

I’m not sure what to suggest at the moment, Tom. Where in the world are you located?

Melbourne, Australia!

thanks Daniel. I downloaded on my phone, and copied to PC and installer is working thanks.

Tom, do you have access to an internet connection at another location, e.g. your place of work or educational institution, where you might be able to try the download and transfer it to your computer by way of a USB drive, or similar? I can post a USB drive to you from the UK, but I don’t know how long it will take to reach you.

Hi Daniel,

I’ll pop over to a friend’s place with a thumb drive and see if I can get the dmg there. No need to post anything from Blighty! Thanks for the offer though. I’ll let you know how it pans out :slight_smile:


Hi mate,

I am based in Melbourne too and getting the same issue( error message thst file is damaged and should be send to bin) while downloading Cubase 10.5. I am trying to download on my phone and see if that helps.


I get corrupted file messages when I try to install Dorico 3. Tried many, many times. I can’t install via download assistant, because that doesn’t run. (Tried that lots of times also). Western Australia.

Same with two different computers, btw.

Did you open the Download Assistant as Administrator? Sometimes that helps.

Yep, run as Administrator. Splash screen then nada. (No errors on installing it).

Sorry to hear that, Barry. Have you tried downloading from the direct links on the download page instead?

Yes, that’s the one that gives me checksum errors on various zipped files on installation.

The offer to send you a USB drive containing the software stands, but I imagine it will take a good couple of weeks for it to reach you. If you’d like me to do this, please send me a private message with your postal address, and I’ll take care of this some time this coming week.

Thanks Daniel,

I’ll hold off for a while. There seems to be a lot of issues with the current release. I don’t think it’s worth trying to evaluate Dorico until it is much more stable.

Barry, people with problems tend to gravitate towards forums. (Also oddballs like me, who don’t often have problems with the software but do have a compulsion to help others). Don’t assume that the proliferation of “problem” threads is representative of 100% of the user base. If people are happily working with Dorico they don’t tend to bother saying so :wink:

Thanks pianoleo.

I will revisit Dorico in teh (Southern hemisphere) Winter, when I can (hopefully) spend some quality time in the music room. A 30-day trial can elapse very quickly if you have installation or configuration issues, and your significant other has a to-do list for you which does not include working on said issues. I still have plenty of learning to do in Cubase (when she’s not looking). Tried lots of DAWs when Gibson pulled the plug on Cakewalk, got a Hammond SK-1 at the same time. Cubase is the only DAW I have found that can record all the control/performance parameters of said beast (couldn’t even get Cake to do it!). Also Cubase is the ONLY DAW I’ve ever come across (since Digital Orchestrator Pro) that has a workable patch map mechanism (script files). I’ll be sticking with Steinberg.