Dorico 3 Elements - Include Flow Composer with each flow header

I know that Dorico Elements is very basic and offers no full Engrave Mode. Right now I am just thankful I was able to at least get Elements and get started working with a beautiful notation software.
But I was wondering if there is a way to show the flow composer with each new flow. I am working on a musical with 2 Acts, which i have in 2 separate projects and then each Act/Project containing about 11 flows (wich are the different musical numbers). Now while the overall musical is written and composed by the same writer, a couple songs where outsourced and so either the music or arrangement was done by someone else.

So I was wondering if there is a way to include the flow composer/arranger automatically with each new flow rather then just having the project composer field that follows after the main title on the first page.

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Welcome to the forum, Joshua. Unfortunately not, but I’d be happy to edit your project for you to add the token for the composer’s name to the flow heading and send it back to you. Zip it up and attach it here, or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, and I’ll do it for you.

Hey Daniel,

The zip file ended up still being to large attach here for some reason. So I sent an email to the address you listed previously.

See the body of the email down below.
And again, thanks for your help!

  • Joshua


Hey Daniel,

Thank you so much for your kind offer to create the correct margins/frames for my project. I really appreciate the help.
Attached to this email you can find the project containing the first act of the musical. I am still in the process of populating the document as I just purchased Dorico yesterday. But all the flows for the act are in the project.

Would it be possible to to have frames on the left & right side of the flow title with space for:

Text: {@FlowLyricist@}
Musik: {@FlowComposer@}

Arrangement: {@FlowArranger@}

Also for the second act could I just duplicate this project and then rename the flows? I am trying to do it that way so I can keep the file size more reasonable and don’t overwork my computer.
With doing it that way, is there a way I could start the flow numbering at #12 to keep the continuity of the various pieces?

Again, thank you so much for your help.

  • Joshua Grajer