Dorico 3 Elements

Hi all,

I’d like to try Dorico before buying it. When i click on “Download trial version” on the Dorico product page, it brings me to a steinberg login page and says me i should have received an activation code and a link to download product by email.
But i have never received them…neither in spams. I’ve tried several times.

Could someone help me ?

And second problem, when i click on the buying button, it brings me to a page where i can select Dorico 3 Elements, but when i add it to cart, my cart contains Dorico 2 Elements…Does it mean Dorico 3 has not been released yet ? If it’s the case and i buy it, will i receive Dorico 3 at it release date ?

Thanks for your help,

Welcome to the forum, clem gege. Trial versions of Dorico Elements 3 and Dorico Pro 3 will be available in a couple of weeks. However, you should certainly be able to buy Dorico Elements 3 now if you want to. Can you tell me from which URL you’re finding you get Dorico Elements 2 in your cart rather than Dorico Elements 3?

Hi and thanks for your help Daniel !

The URL from where i come is I Click on Buy Dorico Elements 3 and then it opens a popup with an add to cart button. In the popup it’s still version 3 displayed. By clicking on the add to cart button, i’m redirected to but the version in my cart changes to v2. I’m french and using french language on the website, maybe it comes from there…

Is it still possible to try the dorico 2 trial until the dorico 3 trial is launched ?

For me, that shows up as Dorico Elements 3 in my cart… However, you needn’t worry, because even if you somehow manage to buy Dorico Elements 2 at this point, you’d receive a free update to Dorico Elements 3 anyway.

Thanks Daniel,

And is it normal that i don’t receive the email when i try to get the trial of Dorico Elements 2 ?

Edit: i’ve just seen your PM, thank you very much !

It’s not normal, but it does happen: please check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t get delivered in there.