Dorico 3 elements

Since I own cubase artist and am very happy with it I want to try dorico elements (because I don’t have a lot of money). I just want to compose simple stuff for small jazz/fusion groups, and what’s most important to me is being able to have 4 bars per system.

Maybe this is a stupid question but I tried the search couldn’t find anything about this specifically. And since I’m here anyway does dorico use the sound library I already have from Cubase?

Yep, you can set fixed bars per system in Elements.

I don’t have Cubase, but if you mean “does Dorico use the sound library that came free with Cubase” the answer is likely to be “no”, but you also get a “free” sound library with Dorico, so that might not matter to you.

If you bought a sound library separately from Garritan, Native Instruments, East-West, VSL, etc, then you can use it in Dorico as well as Cubase.

The best way to answer this sort of question is download the free 30 day trial of Dorico Elements and find out for yourself if it does what you need. The trial version of Dorico 3 hasn’t been released yet, but you can try Dorico 2 now or wait a few weeks to try Dorico 3.

I think the Dorico Elements sound library is pretty similar to the Cubase Artist library. If you have a Cubase Artist licence though I think that should allow those sounds to be loaded in HALion Sonic SE inside Dorico