Dorico 3 file takes >15 mins to open and hangs when adding flow


I think something has gotten corrupted in this file. It takes ages to open, and hangs when you try to add a flow.

I wonder if someone could take a look and advise me? It says its too large to attach here (11MB zipped) so I’ve made a dropbox link: Dropbox - File Deleted

Thanks so much. I’m on a deadline to finish this and am worried performance is going to continue to decline.

I’m not in the office for a few days, so I’m not in a position to look at this, but I can suggest one thing. Once the project has loaded, try doing Play > Playback Template (you can just re-choose the one that’s current). We’ve had some reports of some projects taking a huge amount of time to load which is due to some errant data that gets reset when applying a playback template

Thanks Paul. Today I’m trying to open it and it’s been beach balling for almost 2 hours. I’m worried it has just crashed. Is there any way to make this change before opening the file? Or is there a way to open the file and bypass the playback template? Thanks!

I’ll be in the office tomorrow so if you mail it to me at p dot walmsley at steinberg dot de then I can take a look at what’s wrong.

Problem solved! Solution is here if anyone needs it:

I created a new file, reset the Playback Template (maybe not necessary; actually I set mine to Silent)

Then I imported all the flows from the broken file.

Opening and all other functions are back to normal.

Thanks –

I’m glad to hear that you have managed to get working again. Would you be happy to send me the file so I can see if the original cause of the problem was the thing I suspected? It’s something we’ve had 2 or 3 reports of, but we don’t know yet why or how it happens.