Dorico 3 Files open in Dorico 3.5?

I am on the 3 version trial. I will purchase 3.5.
WIll my Dorico3 files open in 3.5? Need to know if I should export my Dorico3 files to musicxml or not.
(Hope not because the files I’ve imported into Dorico from .musicxml require a lot of attention to straighten out. (Sorry for the grousing)

Thank you to all the team for listening to what composers want and making it happen – I am looking so forward to using 3.5!


Yes, worry not, Lily, all of the projects you’ve created during your Dorico 3 trial will open up in Dorico 3.5 just fine, whichever flavour (Pro or Elements) you choose.

Is there a “most efficient” way to allow legacy Dorico projects to take advantage of the new slurring? Importing flows and importing XML into a new project have both been suggested. Is there an easier way?

Daniel posted the list of slur changes here. If all your projects use one set of Engraving Options, then you can manually update this specific list of slur changes in one project, then Save as Default. When opening any other project in 3.5, go to Engraving Options and Reset to Saved Defaults.

If you use different Engraving Options in different projects, then you’re probably stuck updating these settings in each project. That said, for “finished” projects it’s probably safest not to bother - you’ll just be creating extra work for yourself.

I’ll take another look at that link. Thank you.

Thank you, Daniel.
Could you point me to instructions for saving Dorico 3Pro files on an external drive,
so I can uninstall Dorico 3Pro to have the space to install Dorico 3.5? (And then move the files to my compute and open them in 3.5 - which I am so looking forward to.

You don’t need to offload your documents. Deleting the old application won’t delete your files. (And, in any case, you have a backup, should anything go wrong, right?)

You’re on a Mac, I believe, so deleting Dorico 3 works like this:

  1. Hold down the Opt and Cmd keys while clicking the Applications folder at the right edge of the dock. This will open the Applications folder as a regular folder.
  2. Drag Dorico 3 from the Applications folder to the Trash. If you really want to clear space, you’ll need to right click on the Trash fan and Empty Trash.

This will not remove your Dorico projects. By default, they are saved in your Documents folder, in a subfolder called Dorico Projects. If you want to back them up, find that folder (via any of the usual methods: the Finder, Spotlight search etc.), copy it, plug your external hard drive in, double-click its icon on the desktop, paste.

The Dorico Projects folder is a perfectly ordinary folder, and it’s just a default location, so it’s quite possible you’ve stored Dorico projects elsewhere. Either way, it doesn’t make any difference to removing Dorico 3.0/3.1 and installing 3.5 - your projects are not stored within the application.