Dorico 3 Gliassando and Harmonics playback


Im experiencing trouble with the new glissando playback function in Dorico 3. At first it did gliss. from one note to another, but now it started going up/down diatonically instead. Also i cant get the harmonics for strings (with the new function for notation) to playback at all. Hope you could be of some help regarding this. Attached a sample file.


Glissando_problem.dorico (943 KB)

Welcome to the forum, Andreas. Dorico does not currently play back harmonics, though this is planned for a future version. For instruments other than harp, Dorico can only play glissandos using discrete notes (i.e. without pitch bend) and will only play them chromatically. Again, we anticipate adding options for this in future.

Thanks! And hi again.

Im wondering if there is any update to this question? I love dorico in so many ways, but as a contemporary composer this playback function is in many ways quite crutial. I understand there is many other thing to implement, and that this can be a hard nut to crack, just interested to know if there might be something going on or that i should go back to another program for the time being.



This is kind of a small elephant in a big room, to bend a metaphor. I see quite a few people need gliss playback, myself of course included. And this topic keeps popping up regularly. It’s a striking omission.

I sincerely hope Dorico can implement this in the near term. Considering Dorico is pretty expensive, and I bought it specifically to do a large string quartet as my first professional project with this tool, and we had hoped for a full audio rendering for various purposes, it’s quite disappointing that it is not up to the task, a fact of which I was unaware of before purchase. Well, I’ll stop nagging now I guess.

I think it safe to say that if it were simple enough, the team would have implemented it by now. They know how important it is, and no doubt they will add to the glissando/port. feature as quickly as they can do it well. I cannot imagine how they weigh all the different important things they need and want to do to improve the program.

Still, should be allowed to ask for a update on the topic, instead of saying nothing just assuming there is some progress on this. Also its important to show this enthusiasm as a costumer so that Steinberg can see how many people are still missing this feature. Im also sure that its not easy, but after two years of frustration, i feel im allowed to atleast ask again.

Most discussions on this topic seem to refer to inbuilt support for port and gliss without reference to sampled patches. In reality, most decent VST’s have portamento recordings built in which can easily be used – the real issue is glissandi which can obviously take different forms. Library support for them is mostly limited so I would rate the gliss priority much higher. As brass gliss in NotePerformer is magnificent, just being able to get that to work as it does in Sibelius would in itself be hugely valuable in my book

There’s no specific update to provide: as yet this is not implemented in our development builds, so as things stand it will not be included in the next major version of the software. It’s possible that it may be implemented before the next version is ready for release, but I can’t say that with certainty at this stage.