Dorico 3 hang up

Hello all,

Dorico 3 on my MacOS Mojave hang up very often, requiring a forced quit. Sometime a dialog appears telling there are connection problem with the eLicense.

Please tell me if I can provide you with some log files.


Yes, certainly you should provide some log files. You can do that by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report and then uploading the zip file that will be produced and left on your desktop.

Not too much waiting for it to happen again: after a couple of hours of work.
Dorico (787 KB)

And again after few minutes…
Dorico (764 KB)

Thanks, I’ll pass the logs on to Ulf. Unfortunately I can’t provide any further help and assistance myself at this stage.

Thank you Daniel.
I hope the Dorico team can find something something useful.


Hi Claudio, the crash logs show a pattern that we have seen before but were not able to reproduce, yet. Is there anything that you could think of which makes this happen with you? Or could you please have the Activity Monitor open during work and regularly check for a process called VSTAudioEngine? The error that you are seeing might come much later after that process going down. We need to know what action makes the VSTAudioEngine go down. Thanks for your help.

Hi, sending a new diagnostics rapport. I’m on Mojave and Dorico hangs on quit very often (VST engine) using Noteperformer.
Now I made a new Playback setup with Wallander instruments Wivi, Pianoteq 6, EZdrummer 2 and UVI workstation
and with that setup it hangs every time I quit.


Dorico (678 KB)

Hi Jesper, the crash pattern looks exactly same to that of Claudio. Could you please provide a test project with which the crash happens? That could help us reproducing the issue. Thanks

I too am using the Noteperformer 3.

Ulf, sent it by mail.


I’ve done as requested.
This time Dorico hung up the UI but continued playing. The VST Audio Engine process didn’t went down. Instead, after forcing Dorico to quit, the VST Audio Engine process was still alive, and I’ve quit it from the Activity Monitor
Dorico (745 KB)

Claudio - are you using VE Pro? There is a known issue causing a hang or crash on shutdown with VE Pro that we are currently investigating.


I’ve VSL, VE Pro and MIR installed on my mac, but I’m not using them on the project I’m currently working (it’s only based on NotePerformer 3). I’ll probably add Master Equalizer, Multiband Compressor and Hybrid Reverb from VSL once the score is finished, for mastering. Not yet.

I could see that VE Pro was in the list of loaded libraries, so I guess that could be because of how it adds extra event inputs. So even though you’re not using it directly, it’s still lurking in the background.

Is there a back list where I can put it temporarily and see if something changes?

I don’t know I’m afraid - I think that’s a shared low level library rather than a VST plugin, so it gets loaded automatically by the VE Pro driver.

You could - at your own risk - try to temporarily move out all VSL related stuff from /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3

Hi, I just activated a new license on my MBP, been using the USB-elicenser and without the dongle, no hang on quit.


I had a problem with my dongle not being recognised today, but after removing and reinserting it it was fine.
I’ve also created 2 new folders in audio/plugins: “VST (disabled)” and"VST3 (disabled)" where I’ve moved all the Vienna (VSL) plugins. After the restart I was able to work with Dorico for almost 3 hours without any problems. Tomorrow I’ll work in the same conditions on a larger project, and I’ll tell you if hang up happens again or not.