Dorico 3 Hanging Up!

It seems to be a particular file, but it’s so bad now the system becomes unresponsive as soon I open it. I don’t use audio playback and tried to turn everything off (MIDI input, thru, etc)

Here is the zipped DMP file

And the file itself

Welcome to the forum, driscollmusick. Paul will need to take a look at this project – it looks to me as if something has gone seriously awry with the Mixer data in your project. If I’m reading it correctly, Dorico thinks you have 262,183 channels in the Mixer… and it’s trying to do something to each of them as the project is opened. We’ll look into this as soon as we can; hopefully it will be possible to provide a fixed-up version of the project relatively quickly. Please leave it with me.

OK, much appreciated. Thanks!

That’s a very strange one - I’ve no idea what could have happened there. Anyhow, here’s a fixed version with the erroneous data stripped out. Just run Play > Apply Template to reset the playback data.
The (1.54 MB)

Thanks, Paul. I have recently installed NotePerformer and tried applying it to the file (which I had also started in v2.2 and then updated). NotePerformer seemed to hang it up initially, but I thought there was a period of normal functioning in between… At any rate, I really appreciate the team’s responsiveness. Cheers, John

We’ve just had another report of this problem and I’ve been able to put in a fix, which will be in the next update.