Dorico 3 hangs on saving a file from 2.2

Even when I remove/replace all playback instruments and settings, the file will not change. The program freezes and I need to kill it.

Diagnostics attached, can I provide some more information?
Dorico (284 KB)

Sorry you’re having problems saving. My suspicion is that the audio engine isn’t running properly on your computer, but it looks like your computer isn’t set to create minidump files when Dorico or its audio engine crashes. Can you please follow the steps under ‘Dorico is crashing. What do I do?’ in the FAQ thread, then try to reproduce the problem again? It might also be helpful if you could zip up and attach the project itself here so we can see if we can reproduce the problem.

I’m sorry, but after generating the dump file above, the file saved successfuly and I haven’t been able to reproduce the crash again, not even with other 2.2 files I have.

If I encounter this again, I’ll send the crash dump, I have enabled it by instruction in the FAQ.

Thanks for your time.