Dorico 3: Headache With Expression Maps (Slurs/Legato)

Is there a way to delay a technique triggered in the expression map some number of ticks?

Or, is there a way to change the behavior of the slur/legato mark so it triggers and releases legato a little later?

I’m having fits trying to find a way to drive a legato/portamento pedal (CC68) properly from an expression map.

The desired effect is to send CC68 AFTER the first note in a series of slurred notes begins playing, hold it throughout the slurred passage, and to release the pedal after the last note of the slurred passage is sounded (any point before the next non-legato note plays).

In short, it would seem that slur marks should not invoke and release a legato technique until a tick or two after their start and end points.

No matter what I try, the first note in the series gets CC68 applied as well.

I have found a workaround of sorts…by throwing something like an Upbow or Downbow on the first note of the passage, hiding it, and adding a combi playing technique to over-ride a plain legato technique (legato + downbow). Unfortunately that’s an awful lot of extra work to mark up an entire piece this way, as is disabling playback for all the slurs in the piece and driving it through a CC lane in the play tab.

No, at the moment there’s no way to specify a tick offset for a technique triggered from an expression map.