Dorico 3 issue

This is a great update. Couldn’t ask for much more. Thanks…

One issue so far …

re: STEAM-9338

The version history claims that swing is now calculated correctly for pickup bars that start midway through a beat. I am looking a three eights note pickup bar in 4/4 meter, swing set to 2:1 (fixed).

I am not seeing this as fixed. The pickup bar still is strange timing. I still need to insert a fourth eighth note (rest) at the beginning of the score for the timing to be right.

Also, are you interested in crash reports for people using macOS Catalina or is it too early?
I’ve had to force quit a number of times. I’m assuming these are OS related but maybe not.

We may have listed that issue as fixed prematurely; some situations are improved, but not yet all of them. We’ll hopefully be able to address the remaining issues in the near future.

ok. Thanks.