Dorico 3 - Keyboard shortcuts for microtonal accidentals?

As I say, you can trigger a specific command using a MIDI key, so you can add a shortcut to add a specific accidental, but it would be quite unwieldy: you’d have to play the unmodified pitch (e.g. C natural), then leave note input (which you could perhaps assign to a particular key so that you can go in and out of input easily), then hit the key corresponding to the specific accidental. But defining shortcuts for a specific combination of pitch plus accidental isn’t practical at the moment.

I didn’t mean sending commands with a midi key. I meant to play / improvise live on a keyboard with has either a quarter tone for each half step on the keyboard, a certain range which records quarter tones or a key-switch. I often use two keyboards (one a quarter tone higher) and record improvisations with it. In Finale I was able to record it though a max patch with changed the midi notes in a way that finale recorded them right. 60 = C, 61 = C+, 62=C# etc. With max I could send any midi message to Dorico, so any “live” way of recording quarter tones would work. The best thing would still be if Dorico could transform pitch bend messages or would be able to receive OSC messages.

You can’t do this in the way you describe at present, and it’s unlikely that you will be able to do this in the near future, I’m afraid. But certainly I agree it is something that would be helpful to add in future.

Thanks, meanwhile I can do it with other software and import it via xml.

Daniel, I tried to set a keyboard shortcut for the accidentals the way you described but unfortunately nothing happens.

Below is how my json file looks. Anything I’m doing wrong?



				"context" : "kWriteMode",
				"shortcuts" : [
						"NoteInput.SetDotted" : [ "Num+," ]
						"NoteInput.SetAccidental?AccidentalDefinitionID=accidental.24et.western.quarter-sharp.stein" : [ "Ctrl+?" ]
						"NoteInput.SetAccidental?AccidentalDefinitionID=accidental.24et.western.quarter-flat.stein" : [ "Ctrl+ß" ]
						"NoteInput.SetAccidental?AccidentalDefinitionID=accidental.24et.western.three-quarters-flat.stein" : [ "Ctrl+´" ]
						"NoteInput.SetAccidental?AccidentalDefinitionID=accidental.24et.western.three-quarters-sharp.stein" : [ "Ctrl+`" ]

Just to rule out the obvious: have you told the project to use microtonal accidentals by way of an appropriate key signature?

I set up the project with an atonal key signature using the right accidentals. I can use them with shifting the pitch or using the mouse, just the shortcuts don’t work.

Could you attach your project and the JSON file so I can take a look?

Dear Daniel,
here is the .json file
I’m using a german keyboard - the keycommands_de.json is the only key commands file in the user lib folder
“Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3/”
keycommands_de.json (1.57 KB)

I have one more quarter tone accidental issue: I can’t use a 3quarter flat accidental on a G on a transposed Alto Sax part. It always becomes a quarter sharp F. It’s possible on all other pitched though…

Do all four accidentals fail, or just some of them? Your quarter-flat and three-quarters-flat shortcuts conflict with the factory (German) Zoom Out and Zoom In shortcuts.
As to the question about the three-quarter-flat accidental on a G on a transposed Alto Sax part, we probably need to see a project (or at least know how your tonality system is set up).

All fail, none of the shortcut work. I attached a project. Thanks for looking into it (401 KB)

Sorry, here is the document with the 3quarter-flat G problem.
It’s in bar 4 in the 2nd voice.
frank (502 KB)

The shortcuts work OK for me, Frank. I had to change them to Meta+1, Meta+2, Meta+3, and Meta+4 because the ones you had defined don’t make any sense on an English keyboard, but then they work just fine in your 3quarterFlat-problem.dorico file. Can you try opening that project, and using your shortcuts to edit the accidental on a selected note, then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file?

Thanks Daniel,
I think I uses some weird keys `and´ which not seem to work. I changed it to different keys and now it works fine.