Dorico 3 Missing Fonts and Templates Dialogue

I started a file this morning in Dorico 2 using a template (a pre-formatted empty file) I’ve had for a while and used for a lot of work. I was only a couple of pages if when Dorico 3 appeared.

While I load this file up in Dorico 3, I’m getting warning messages about Missing Fonts and a Missing Template (playbacktemplate.hsse) not being installed on the system. I can’t vouch for the latter being part of Dorico 3 but the missing fonts are definitely installed on the system - just as they were for Dorico 2.2 this morning. They appear on screen when the file loads and and can be selected from the font list within Dorico 3. If I save it as a Dorico 3 file, the error messages continue to appear if I close and then reopen the file.

I’ve found the Preferences / Warning dialogue so I can turn it off but I am wondering why it’s telling me the fonts aren’t installed when they are.

The font is Avenir by the way…

The clue is almost definitely in the font styles, not the font itself.
What does the dialog show in that column, and what does Font Book tell you about the styles installed for Avenir?

But what is the Style of the Font? I had warning telling me that Academico Semibold and Medium Italic weren’t installed – There’s not such styles of Academico. It didn’t tell me which Paragraph Style was the problem, but I suspect it’s one that’s a ‘Child’ of something I’ve changed to use a different typeface and style, which Academico can’t match elsewhere.

Thanks Leo, thanks Ben - you’ve helped me work it out. I had the font, but not the style. I assume Dorico 2 let that slip under the radar but Dorico 3 is more particular. Fair enough.

I also assume that the way round the Template Warning is to make my own!! I’ll try that now.

FWIW, I’ve had a number of crashes with Dorico 3. I’m not quite sure why but I’m hoping it’ll settle down soon.

ETA: I had another crash just after posting that, followed by elicenser warnings. The same thing happened a couple of hours ago. Shutting down and restarting clears it. On the positive side, I’ve cleared the template warning.

It keeps crashing.

I’m attaching a diagnostics repoort - I’d be grateful if someone could have a look into it for me.
Dorico (1.72 MB)

David, it looks as if it’s mostly the audio engine that’s crashing. How are you finding the stability of the program today? What seems to lead to the crash? Is it simply opening a project, or is it attempting to start playback, or something else?

Hi Daniel and thanks for the reply.

I’ve started up an exchange with Ulf about this. What appears to be happening is that Dorico won’t shut down properly. I have to force it to quit and then restart OSX every time. It seems the problem is linked to e-licenser - we’re not sure whether it’s the dongle or the elicenser program. I have a new dongle being delivered on Monday so one way or another we’ll solve it. In the meantime I can use Dorico and just have to go through a series of steps when closing it.