Dorico 3 – my first summary

After working with Dorico very intensely for more than 3 days :astonished: . I would like to tell you my impressions about some of the new features and about my dreams for the future.

  • Tablature, fingering and chord diagrams: great big congrats for the team and all who play with and write for fretted instruments!

  • Condensing: overwhelming features for writers of big scores. As usual elaborated till the last detail by the team.

  • Some minor but important improvements: Bar numbers, Dynamics, Fingering, vertical adjusting of lyrics, Navigation in Write mode, Tokens context menu, optimized slur design, Whack-a-mole-disease nearly cured and so on - they all help improving the workflow!

  • My pet feature: the new Project Info!

Now the additional features of my »Dream« Dorico:

    1. Create templates easily and store them in the left listing of the hub, perhaps under »Personal templates«?

    1. A possibility to establish a structure for a project that contains more than one Sonata/Symphony which contain flows; so to speak a layer above the flows; this layer contains the titles of the individual compositions. The titles of the compositions could be mirrored in the header. So far I use a workaround with flowsubtitles (in fitting font size) and a custom masterpage for the first page of each next composition.

    1. An Editor for graphical shapes resp. the possibility of inserting various graphic figures.

    1. In »Engraving«: Rulers and reference lines, frames which can easily be selected and snap to reference lines.

    1. In »Print«: a preview containing left and right pages side by side.

    1. In »Print« (for Windows only - Mac has it already, I think): a button for printer properties!

    1. Of minor importance: the possibility to adjust the colors of the UI - at least partially.

That was my 2 Euros. Have a nice week altogether and some recreation for the team!