Dorico 3 natural harmonics issue

In the attached image, the Tab for natural harmonics for the two high strings is not attainable. It’s showing fret 3.2 (?) on string 6 and 5 instead of fret 12 on strings 2 and 1.

I can persuade this to work if I first remove the harmonics property, then move the notes to the correct strings, then apply the harmonic property again.

You may have to fiddle about moving the note to a different string and back again to make it “stick”.

The “fret 3.2” is theoretically correct for the 6th harmonic on the bottom strings, but rather obviously not what you want!
tab with harmonics.png

Yep. I am also able to get it to work that way. Seems like it should be so fiddly though.

Thanks for the hint.