Dorico 3 not able to find Soundiron Olympus choir


I can’t figure out how to use the Olympus choir that ships with Dorico 3.

I downloaded the audio package, it’s there in the download assistant, but it’s not loading automatically (as video claims it should), I don’t see it in my VST list in Dorico 3 nor as an instrument to load in Kontakt, nor in a hard drive search.

After a little more testing, I can’t get Olympus choir to show up in any case: 1) starting a choir score from template, 2) adding a vocal part to an existing score, 3) changing an existing player’s playback VST (it doesn’t show up).

Thanks! I’m sure I’m missing something obvious…

It is hiding inside the halion se
Simply add vocal instrument like soprano- then open the Halion - stand on the Soprano instrument channel and on the right side press “Edit” then you will see all the soundiron GUI with its s graphics and controls

Alex, I think all you need to do is unzip and run the downloaded “Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer”, and you’ll find that everything starts working. You’ll know everything is set up correctly if you see “Olympus Choir Micro” listed in Steinberg Library Manager: if it’s not there, it’s not yet correctly installed.

The Olympus sounds will show in the HALion Player by their patch names (Sustained, Marcato, etc.)
Click on the HALion Edit button to see the Olympus control screen.