Dorico 3 not Found after Installing

I’m an experienced Finale user, had purchased Dorico 1 and lately downloaded Dorico SE, to tryout before proposing it to my students.
I’ve just now downloaded the 30 days trial version of Dorico 3 Pro: after installing successfully, I never found the Dorico 3 app in my app folder.
Could anyone give me a clue?

Thank you
Giovanni Andreani

Working on a MacBook Pro (15-inch 2016)
OS 14.14.6

There is only one Dorico app for LE, SE, and Pro. The different options are unlocked by the license that you have.

So when you get the trial licence for Pro, your “Dorico SE” app will run as Pro for 30 days.

Thank you for your response, I have thought of that, nevertheless, when launching Dorico the SE version will appear.
I’ve received the authentication code by Steinberg, but just can’t grasp what to do.

At the same time Dorico was installed, a program called eLicenser Control Center was also installed. Find it, then hit the button in the top left corner (I think it’s called “Enter Activation Code”). Then paste the code in. You may then be prompted to “start trial period” or “start usage”. After doing that, Dorico should run as Pro.

Thank you so much, I followed the steps you suggested and Dorico 3 Pro is now running!

Great support, much appreciated.