Dorico 3 + Noteperformer - Inccorect pitch playback

I’m currently using a trial version of Dorico 3 until I can buy it but I have noticed while using noteperformer (Yes i’ve done the upgrade today), All the notes play a tone lower than written? I.E what is clearly an A will playback as a G, albeit a slightly out of tune G. In Dorico 2, this isn’t a problem.

I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found anything else relating to this but any help is greatly appreciated!

Any chance your audio settings for Dorico 3 are changing the frequency of your audio device from 48 kHz to 44 kHz?

If I have Dorico open (at 44) and then open wavelab to work on something, wavelab changes my dac to 48 and my pitches shift.

That would appear to be the problem! Thanks so much for the help