Dorico 3: Playback of tied notes across different voices

If I don’t separate out a piano part into different voices in Play Mode, I can get notes that are tied from one voice to another playing back as they should. If I do separate them, the tie is ignored and the note plays twice (presumably one for different voice). Is there a way round this (other than messing with the notation) ?

No, unfortunately Dorico cannot resolve ties between voices if you use independent voice routing. You could try setting ‘Suppress playback’ on the tied-to note, which should at least prevent it from being restruck.

Thanks Daniel. Will this permanently be the case or might you enable it at some later stage?

Never say never, but it’s not something you should expect to change any time soon, at any rate.

Thanks Daniel.

Just coming back on this - largely because I keep butting up against it while working through a piano piece. Essentially, what I’m hearing is not what I want to hear. In nutshell the problem is that the velocity of a melody, on an instrument that plays both melody and accompaniment simultaneously (Piano, Harp, Guitar etc.), is naturally different.

It is frustrating because the option of separate voices makes it seem tantalisingly close to enabling this to happen as well as a proper mix of voices within a Piano part. However, I fully understand the complexity involved in achieving correct playback across voices for things like ties. I came across another example yesterday: different voices will not allow correct playback of pedalling.

After your last message, Daniel, I thought fair enough - I need to find another way around this. So I’ve been working on altering Note Velocities individually in a Piano piece to get the right mix. It’s painstaking work; as there’s not that much headroom in the velocities the best approach is to reduce the velocities for all bar the melody. A lot of work.

What would make the task infinitely easier - and also lead to far better results than the separate voices route - would be a tool that could scale all the velocities of any selected note or group of notes, up or down by a prescribed amount. Would something like this be a part of the development plan?

Yes, certainly expanding the existing tools for editing note velocities is on our backlog.

Thanks again, Daniel.