Dorico 3 print buttons don't work

Recently bought a new MacBook and then upgraded to Dorico 3. all seems well except I can’t print. I rebooted, tried Steinberg chat and no luck. They put me on a list to be called by a higher level tech support person who called me and asked for a diagnostic report and said they would email info on how to get it to them but never did. Anyone else have this and or know how to fix? In the print section of the program the page setup and print buttons don’t have any functionality. Thank! (report is attached)
Dorico (364 KB)

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Do you actually have a printer installed on your computer? If so, Dorico isn’t seeing it…
In everyday use, you’re better off using the Print and Export options on the right side of Print mode rather than resorting to the macOS buttons in the left side of Print mode.

Yes, it appears that you don’t have any printers that Dorico recognises. What printers are showing up in the Printers & Scanners pane in System Preferences?

Also, I notice that you’re currently using Dorico 3.0.10, and I’d recommend you update to Dorico 3.1, which is available here.

thanks for the input. I have tried the buttons on the right as well with no luck. My first task I have been trying to do is to make a PDF of my chart. The only option I see is from the print button. But again that button doesn’t function so I can’t access that either. Printing is next on the list of wishes with of course the same issue. All other programs on my computer allow me to use print function but I will check my system preferences when I get home. I also have done the upgrade to 3.0.10 since I made the initial post with no changes. Thanks again.

Ok after doing system preferences for some reason there was no printer (resolved that issue). Now able to print from the right side of the window, but not left and still no PDF option.

You will find the PDF option on the right panel, too.
Click onto the Export button to export as graphic (choosing pdf as file format at the top).

Thank you at least I can produce parts for people, still seems like a convoluted way to create PDF. The save as option is much easier, still haven’t figured out the file name part of exporting but just changed the name of the file after I created it. I hope that I can get the other print button fixed so that I can use the save as PDF option. Thanks for all the input so far from everyone.

If you use the options on the left side you run the risk that your export may be scaled down (dependent on the settings in your printer driver). If you use the dedicated Graphics Export function on the right side you can rest assured that your PDF will be exported at 100%, with the added bonus that you have control over the recipe of the exported filename(s).

Yes, it’s really not convoluted to export a PDF using Dorico’s built-in graphics export feature. In fact it’s fewer clicks than doing it from the macOS Print dialog if you require multiple layouts. Plus the PDFs produced by Dorico’s direct export will actually work better than the ones you get from the macOS Print dialog, because it has more control over dimensions, font embedding, and colour.

Thanks for the input, haven’t had a problem with size but good to know if that happens. Will experiment more with the graphic export, just haven’t figured out the naming portion and still not sure why the other buttons won’t function, obviously something is not right.

Are the MacOS print dialogs working in other applications?