[Dorico 3 Pro] Harp pedal diagrams always show as signposts?

Hello, all! Last time I had a very noob-ish question about layout options which was swiftly answered, and I’m sure this time I will have missed something equally silly. Here’s my problem:

I was writing a harp part and realized that Dorico was marking notes in red; this is good, since I had forgotten to specify a pedaling, and I looked up the “calculate harp diagram” function which seems amazing. I selected the first note of the bar in question and used this feature and - I got a signpost for the harp diagram. I tried to set the diagram at the start of the project; same thing. I thought it might be because I hadn’t set a key signature yet, so I did, but the diagram remains the same (i.e. only a signpost).

No matter what I try it refuses to show as text or as a diagram; it only appears as a signpost, and then doesn’t show up at all when I export as PDF or print.

I have spent more than an hour trying to Google this, hiding/showing signposts (which only makes my diagram signpost disappear or appear, but won’t show the text or symbols), opening the bottom panel and toggling the different options - nothing. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but I assume it must be something very stupid and simple since no one else seems to have this issue.

I have attached the project in question. Please tell me what I’m missing because I would love to learn! (And please be gentle; I realize this is likely something very, very simple I just am not getting.)
PM_FFVII_AnxiousHeart.zip (380 KB)

I’m afraid you answered the question in your very second sentence; it’s a very similar flavour of noobery (nooberry?) to last time :wink:
Go to Layout Options > Players > Harp Pedaling and tick the Show Harp Pedaling box (with the correct layout selected in the right panel). Apply and close.

… hahaha! Yup. Indeed. I seem to be cursed to ask questions that no one else needs to know the answers to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for this. I don’t know how I didn’t find this answer on my own through Googling but now it’s fixed. Sorry for - yet again - asking a silly noob question!

The link you were unknowingly looking for was this one, but I’d be very interested if you can remember (or check) what searches you made, i.e. what phrases/terms you used, as that might help me make this more easily findable from more angles :slight_smile:

For some reason that particular page never came up! I think this was completely up to my own stupidity. Here are the latest searches I did, trying to find info on this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DfxIQkvHFyhDjheNaO5Pf09rfL42-Cad

That’s brilliant, thank you :slight_smile:

Just run into this issue, & solution. @Lillie, the link you posted no longer links. (The google link also connects to a page not found msg)

Just to add: I’m puzzled why the diagram doesn’t show by default? Why would I create one if I didn’t want to display it?

Yes, I did a folder restructuring in the intervening months so that topic in the 3.5 (latest manual) is now here. I’ll edit the comment so it points there too.

Ah, ok, that answers the question I just added :slight_smile: