Dorico 3 quits

I’ve been using Dorico since v! and since upgrading to v3 I have started to experience random crashing of the program. Hard to identify when this happens but need less to say it is frustrating. It happens so often now that I need to find a solution. I am in the middle of finalising scores for a n upcoming project and this is inconvenient :slight_smile:. My system has not changed as far as I know everything is up to date. I saw a reference to NVIDIA drivers causing issues so I will check that next.
The most recent crash I found an error message upon restart and the restart process failed. The error said “Audio process died”
My system:
Windows 10
Processor Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz, 2794 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
18 G of RAM
Sure it’s an old rig but the problems arose after the Dorico 3 upgrade so I’m guessing that is where the issue lies.
Any ideas would be gratefully considered.
Yours hopefully, Tom

Hi Tom.
As you might have learned in numerous threads before yours, you’ll probably need to attach a diagnostic file (help menu, create diagnostic file right after a crash)

That’s right what Marc says. But you can create the diagnostic report at any time, because it will contain logs and crash dumps also from earlier runs. And also important to mention, when you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, a zip file appears on your computer’s desktop. That one please post here.

Thanks Marc and Ulf,
Thanks for pointing out the diagnostic report as I was unaware of this. Things have been running smoothly until now my only issues have been attributable to my own learning curve with the program! :slight_smile: Which I love by the way!
I cant attach the file as I get an error message saying ‘file is too large’! Is there any workaround for this?

Only zipped files (and <700 pixel wide pics) will make it as attachments to this forum…

Hi Marc,
The file is zipped as it was generated directly from Dorico’s ‘Create Diagnostic Report’ command.
The file is 27.7M is there a file size limitation?
Cheers, Tom

Yes, the file size limitation is 2MB. Put the file in Dropbox or Google Drive or Onedrive or similar, and post the link here.

Thanks Daniel,
Here is a link:

Have you seen my other post re hearing the entire score whilst viewing and editing a part? This is something that I would use on a regular basis and probably others would too so if there is not currently a way to do it could be considered as something include in a future upgrade?
Cheers, Tom

Hi Tom, thanks for the data. Contained in the diagnostic report are 5 crash dumps of the audio engine and 1 of Dorico itself.
Regarding the Dorico crash, the London guys need to take a look.
I had a look at the audio engine crashes and they show all the same pattern and it is similar to an issue that we have already a fix for.
The issue that we fixed is, when you click too fast on the little e-button to open plug-ins, then the audio engine might crash.
You might not realize this then immediately, because Dorico will continue running and later become unresponsive when e.g.
wanting to start the playback.
The fix will get released in the upcoming Dorico update. The workaround is to operate the e-button really carefully and slow.
If you follow this rule, does it still crash with you?

Thanks Ulf. I think that some of the crashes were unrelated to that bug as they occurred after a restart of the system. I am at the stage of this project where all the audio is pretty much set up and I am fine tuning parts for printing. I updated my OS today and so far so good, it seems to be stable and Dorico is running well. I will keep this thread going and report if anything else occurs.
Cheers, Tom

Ok Dorico quit on me again and I was nowhere near the Audio control panels. I was using the lower scroll bar as I recall.
I have attached a link to the diagnostic report if anyone can have a look I would really appreciate it. I will state that this has all started with the upgrade to Dorico 3, up until that upgrade I have had a stable system.
Cheers, Tom
Dorico (659 KB)

Hi Tom, thanks for the data. The weird thing is, in the diagnostics is no crash dump contained. But the log files of both, Dorico and VSTAudioEngine suggest that the program did not terminate for the last 3 runs. The log just suddenly breaks off, however no crash dump is there. Without a crash dump we are pretty much at loss to find out what was going wrong.

In order to make sure that Windows creates a dump on crashing, please execute the attached script. After unzipping it, simply double click it.

If Windows does not allow the script to make changes, you could do it all manually, though it is pretty tedious:

  1. In the Windows 10 search box (you might also know it as Cortana), type “regedit” and hit Return, then click Yes when asked if you’re sure you want to allow the Registry Editor to modify your computer.
  2. In the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\
  3. If you see a key in there called LocalDumps, then go inside it: otherwise, choose Edit > New > Key, and type “LocalDumps” as the name of the key.
  4. Select the LocalDumps key and choose Edit > New > Key, and type “Dorico3.exe” as the name of the key.
  5. Choose Edit > New > Expandable String Value, type “DumpFolder” as the name of the value and hit Return.
  6. Double-click the “DumpFolder” label to open the editor dialog, and type “%LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps” as the ‘Value data’, and hit Return.
  7. Choose Edit > New > DWORD, type “DumpCount” as the name of the value and hit Return.
  8. Double-click the “DumpCount” label to open the editor dialog, and type “A” (hexadecimal for 10) as the ‘Value data’, and hit Return.
  9. Choose Edit > New > DWORD, type “DumpType” as the name of the value and hit Return.
  10. Double-click the “DumpType” label to open the editor dialog, and type “1” as the ‘Value data’, and hit Return. (This chooses to create a minidump file.) (441 Bytes)

Thanks Ulf!
Double clicking worked like a charm! :slight_smile:
Please find attached new diagnostic dump. Let me know if this works…

Cheers, Tom
Dorico (706 KB)

Cool, thanks. But now we have to wait for the next incident on your computer, because it can’t create crash dumps in retrospective. So if the next crash happens please create a diagnostic report again and post here.

Ok. Thanks Ulf. I thought that perhaps the dumps were cumulative but I
guess that they are only valid for the current session?
Stay tuned!
Cheers, Tom

Well it just happened again… In case this is useful:

When working on drum patterns for a project I keep a separate file open where I keep the various grooves and variations for each project. When the crash occurred I was in the process of cutting and pasting between 2 windows.
Cheers, Tom

After writing the message above I returned to Dorico and it crashed immediately. On re-opening it crashed while trying to generate the diagnostic report.
I opened it again and generated a report
Help please!

Thanks for the data, Tom. We had a look at both, the Dorico and audio engine crashes, and they are all from known issues that we have already a fix for in the upcoming release. So please be a little more patient and wait for the update.

Thanks for the honesty Ulf! I won’t keep posting about this then! :slight_smile: Any idea when the update will be released? This is a major workflow problem for me at the moment. I have migrated all my projects to Dorico and love so many aspects but this a real drag!
Cheers, Tom

It’ll be soon, Tom. Hang in there.