Dorico 3 - remove custom condensing group

How do I remove a custom condensing group? If I select one and hit delete, it wants to delete the whole flow.

You want the trash can icon underneath the list of custom groups (to the right of the + icon that creates custom groups).

If Dorico wants to delete the whole flow, I think you are clicking the trash can at the bottom of the main window instead.

I’m not clicking (though it’s good to note that the option is available) - I was trying to do it from the keyboard.

Ah, I see what you mean.

Maybe that dialog box is a bug because Dorico IS deleting a staff in a layout - but of course the staff doesn’t have any music notation of its own.

If you click the “delete player” option, apparently nothing happens and the custom group still exists!

We allow key commands to “pass through” the Layout Options dialog and other similar modeless dialogs; if we didn’t, there wouldn’t be much use in them being modeless, because the main window would be blocked by them. But it can lead to unexpected happenings like this. In general the Delete key isn’t wired up for any of the lists or other controls in any of the dialogs, so it will always pass through to the project window behind.