Dorico 3 roadmap

Hi all

apologies if this is already posted somewhere (I did try searching, but the forum search rules prohibit a search for “Dorico 3” because every word in a search phrase must contain at least 3 characters - [facepalm])

Is there a roadmap for 3.0 that has been published? I’m sure there is one at Steinberg, just whether it has been shown to us yet.

It would be nice to know what we’re looking forward to.

I’m fairly sure no official list of planned features has released: (in software development you never quite know what’s going to make the cut before release).
But members of the team have made occasional statements on this forum when discussing certain features. Guitar TAB is expected.

Given the amazing features introduced during version 2’s lifespan, and the well-known areas where Dorico is lacking, I suspect that most expectations will be met, if not surpassed.

Adrien, if you have any time to spare, you can click on Daniel’s name on the forum and “search this user’s posts” and skim through them. You’ll obviously be able to skim over most of it, but it’s a quick and easy way to find the things that he has indicated here and there around the forum. I read many threads that don’t pertain to me specifically to find the little gems he drops here and there.

Also, for his beautiful “conversation closers”.

It’s hard to wait for Dorico 3.

The suspense is killin’ me.

Ah yes, we are all anxiously awaiting that pinned announcement: “Dorico 3 is now…” It’ll be an early Christmas present for sure! :smiley:

does this mean you expect something before Christmas??

Daniel’s said it’s very likely 3.0 will come later in the year, almost certainly before the end of the year.

let us not put pressure on them :wink:

The closest thing to an answer to adrien’s question seems to be (this almost duplicate thread):

Thank you, Dan.

thanks everyone. Looking forward to unwrapping my presents :slight_smile: