Dorico 3 scale spelling question...

forgive me if this has been addressed before. i couldn’t find anything in particular on the forum.

this came from a user “Robert Sabin” on the Dorico Facebook page.

i was able to confirm his result (shown in the attached example). how DOES dorico parse scale spelling? it seems like the midi-keyboard example in the attached jpeg is wrong. the example is in the key of C.

oops - just noticed the computer keyboard line has a misspelling in the fourth C-sharp of the bass line. this is, indeed, how i spelled it - just goes to show that what you spell out on the computer keyboard is what you get (regardless of spelling rules).

AFAIK it is based on the “ps13” algorithm by David Meredith. This doesn’t use a fixed spelling based on the key signature in the score, it dynamically chooses the spelling that best fits the “local” key of music itself. Google will probably find more detail than you want to know about how it works.

If you just give it two or three chromatic notes, it doesn’t have much to work with, but in the example it didn’t seem to do anything “obviously weird” - unlike the computer-keyboard example with an “octave” between D flat and C sharp.

Unfortunately we have discovered today that due to some of the refactoring required to make note input on multiple staves work, the automatic respelling of notes when inputting from the MIDI keyboard is not working in Dorico 3.0. We will fix this bug as soon as possible, but for the time being I’m afraid there’s no way to re-enable it.

and that D-flat/C-sharp oddity was my fault…

thanks Daniel.