Dorico 3 SE Crashes/Exits on file dialogs

Howdy. New install on Windows 10 (1909). Program exits suddenly after any option that displays/opens a windows file dialog.
Dialog opens, waiting cursor appears after a second or two and then everything is gone - a complete exit.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. On the first install the playback sound had some static - after reinstall, the sound is great.
But program crashes if trying to open/import/change file locations…
Attached diagnostics. Had to delete most of the dumps as the file was to large to attach.

No other Steinberg products on the system - just Dorico 3 SE. ( and the sound stuff for it.
Dorico (1.6 MB)

This is a bug in the Dell Backup and Recovery tool (which adds an icon handler that gets called for any application that shows a file open or save dialog). Update to the latest version, or if you’re not using it then remove it:

Uninstalled Dell Backup and Recovery and did a reboot. It no longer shows in the apps/programs listing.
Problem still occurs.
Rebooted again - still occurs.
Should I reinstall?

Can you attach another diagnostic report?

New diagnostics attached. Again had to delete all but the newest dump because of file size upload constraint.
Dorico (1.3 MB)

I can see that it’s crashing when trying to suspend the ASIO device in the background, so I would suggest turning this off (In Preferences > Play I think). We’ve had a number of reports that this doesn’t work reliably, so we recommend to turn it off.

Suspend Audio Device in background option is now unchecked.
Issue still occurs.
New Diagnostics attached
Dorico (1.56 MB)

It’s still crashing in the Dell backup and recovery tool, so it appears that uninstalling it hasn’t removed it from your system. I’d suggest installing it again, then uninstalling, then reboot (because some files may be locked and only removed on a reboot), then check that this file has gone.

:smiley: BINGO! Dorico SE 3 is working now. The Re-install uninstall/reboot did the trick. The entire folder is now gone.

Dorico no longer crashes after the file dialogue is displayed. Now I can try it out.

Thank you Mr. Walmsley!