Dorico 3 SE - Flows not displaying

Ok so I have a project with 12 flows. For some reasons flow 1 and 9 are not displaying the flow title. I have entered the correct token, yet it just shows up as blank. I have attached screen shots showing the project info and flow info. I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

Thank you for the help.

Welcome to the forum, lesrou1983. It might be that you have overridden the first page of the layout, which will prevent Dorico from showing the flow headings. As an experiment, try creating a new full score layout in the Layouts panel in Setup mode, then switch to that layout using the selector in the toolbar.

Hi Daniel,

Adding a new layout worked perfectly, I must have changed something without knowing it. Thank you!

One more thing I need help with: I need to have the composer name added to the other flows. Currently composer name is only on flow 1. I am not able to click on the other flow pages page to add composer token, only the flow title token I am able to add to flows 2 - 12.

Thank you again for your kind assistance.

You can edit the Flow Master Page to add the {@flowComposer@} token and enlarge the flow header frame.
You may have to adjust the margins around the flow header to prevent its colliding with the music that follows.

Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows
Under Use ‘first’ Master Page, set to Any flow starting at top of page.

Derrek, don’t forget that lesrou1983 is using Dorico SE, which doesn’t have access to any Engrave mode features.

Yes, I missed the SE reference. :blush:
(Sometimes I pay too much attention to the text and too little to the Subject Header.)

thank you Craig F, that helped. I have a lot to learn about the layout setup page.