Dorico 3: slurs and tied notes

In Dorico 3 I’m having trouble placing a slur that ends on the first of two tied notes. The end of the slur is magnetically attracted to the second of the two tied notes, and it resists all attempts to attach it to the first note. I’ve tried to work around this in Engrave mode but without success. Can someone help please? Thanks in anticipation.

This rarely happens but I have found twice or three times “impossible” ties (without using different voices)
We would need to see the (cut-down) project to help you

The key is to use different voices (along with a judicious application of Remove Rests. Just remove the dot-zip from the end of my example to open it in Dorico. (780 KB)

There are options in the bottom Properties panel to say whether a slur should start or end on the first or last note of a tie. These are in Write mode as well as Engrave mode.

You can change the default in the Engraving Options.

If you are trying to do something where setting the properties doesn’t work, we need to see at least a picture (or preferably the Dorico project) to know exactly what you want to do.
slur properties.png

Thank you, Rob. I thought I had read this somewhere but could not find the appropriate thread.

Thanks so much Rob and Derrek. This is working perfectly for me through the Properties panel.