Dorico 3 - square brackets for accidentals

In Dorico 3, I can see how to put accidentals in parentheses, but ideally I want to use square brackets instead. Is this possible please?
Thanks in anticipation for any assistance.

I just checked Engraving options>Accidentals, and there’s no square brackets option… I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for it to be implemented, or use the old shift-x workaround…

Thank you Marc.
Sorry but I’m not familiar with that workaround.
I’ve been thinking though, that instead of square brackets, I could show my editorial accidentals in a smaller-than-normal font size. Do you know if that’s possible please?

I don’t think you can have two sets of accidentals, I’m afraid (a normal one and a small one)
The workaround I was talking about is simply to input [ ] with shift-X (and avoide collisions disabled in the properties) and place it manually in Engrave mode. Not fun.

Hopefully brackets and ficta will be implemented in one of the 3 “dot” updates.