Dorico 3 - technical questions

First of all, congratulations to Daniel and team! What an upgrade. And what a lot of new stuff to digest. :slight_smile:

Couple of questions:

  1. Am I correct in assuming that Dorico 3 installs in parallel to Dorico 2 and Dorico 1? In other words, I can keep using Dorico 2 if eg I decide to purchase the upgrade a bit later?

  2. Am I correct in assuming that the sounds from Dorico 2 are updated, rather than a brand new library? The download is huge (+9 GB) but when I checked the installation, it seemed to install to the same location for the Dorico 2 sounds, adding a few new libraries.

  3. In terms of housekeeping, can I delete all the temp download files from my “downloads” folder? I am installing Dorico on 3 to 4 different computers, trying to keep things organized and tidy.

And thanks!

  1. Yes, but you can’t have two versions of Dorico running at the same time, because the audio engine can’t handle that.
  2. Yes.
  3. I’m pretty sure the answer is Yes, but you can download them again with the Download Assistant if that turns out to be wrong.
  1. It is worth noting that there is a new library manager, that allows us to stock the sounds wherever we want (instead of the internal hard drive). I’ve not had the time to dig into that, but it is clearly a nice thing.