Dorico 3: two 100% reproducible bugs

My hardware:
Mac Mini 2018 i7 16GB RAM
Using External headphones output
macOS 10.14.6

The first bug actually completely freezes Dorico:
In Preferences, with the pane ‘Audio Device Setup…’ being open, if I accidentally click ‘Close’ button not in that pane, but the general one - at the very bottom right corner - Dorico freezes; the only thing one can do is to force quit.
Of course, by no means it’s a deal breaker - just be more focused on what you’re clicking on - yet, it’s a bug.

The other one - while not causing any nominal trouble - is a definite inconvenience if not nuisance.
It’s also 100% reproducible.

Using HSSE + HSO(Pro) I hear solo violin just from one channel. It happens both in projects created in Dorico 2, as well as in new test ones made in Dorico 3. Just to be clear: it didn’t happen in Dorico 2.
Curiously, that hard panning does not happen with other instruments - e.g. piano, oboe, viola; just violin solo.

If there’s a workaround for that second one (other than tweaking panning in mixer), I’d appreciate any suggestion.

Igor Borodin

I don’t think Dorico is really freezing – it’s just that the modal dialog is ending up behind the Preferences dialog. If you move the Preferences dialog, you will find that the Device Setup dialog has gone behind the Preferences dialog, and as soon as you dismiss that dialog, Dorico will come back to life.

I’m afraid I’m not sure what to make of your other issue but I’ll come back to it when I get a chance.

Thanks Daniel,

Indeed, Dorico does not freeze. The smaller modal pane gets hidden behind the main pane.
While that does explain the freezing effect, I can’t help saying that the the modal dialogues by definition are supposed to be presented on top of everything else until user’s explicit action; nothing is supposed to be done before user responds to the modal dialogue.

So, let me re-word my previous definition - it’s not a bug, but a kink.

Igor Borodin