Dorico 3, two bugs fixed!

A few weeks ago I posted that when I created an orchestral template, it would load halion, but the instrument presets did not load. In dorico 3, they do. This is somewhat significant to me, so good job.

Pygmalion suite sample song used to start with cacaphony of sounds not related to the score, then if I hit rewind it would play properly. In dorico 3, it runs properly first time after it was converted to 3 format and saved.

I will report that I uninstalled dorico 2, maybe didn’t need to, and installed 3. The only thing that needed a touch was that it didn’t remember to use the motu asio driver. I like how the hub stays open after a project is closed.

This was my purchase week at steinberg as I got a 50% off crossgrade of the halion 6 full version a couple of days ago. Not expecting to ever fully get my arms around what all is in this instrument…