Dorico 3 unusable

With Dorico 3 taking up to a minute to select a note or add a dynamic, and over half an hour to add an instrument, the program is unusable for me. So:

  1. What is the process for a refund;
  2. Is there a way of rolling back a Dosrico 3 file to Dorico 2; and
  3. When is the first Dorico 3 update/bugfix due?

Considering that your experience is not the norm, you might first allow the team to help you troubleshoot the issues you’re having.

I agree with Dan, I have been testing Dorico fully hardcore all day, with extremely large scores, ensembles, imported XMLs, New scores, old score from 2 and 1.something, huge external VST setups, massive playback edits and it works as smooth and fast as 2 did before. The startup is a bit slower (hanging on the Audio Engine Waiting for connection a little bit more than before). You should definitely try to troubleshoot before giving up, this version really pays off!

I have noticed that with a large score when you are making edits with condensing enabled it is very slow. Turn off condensing before you make your edits and then turn it back on again afterwards.

No problem on an old i5 running windows 7…
I would give it a chance to debugg before rolling back because V3 really worths it.
What computer do you use?

On my Mac (8 GB ram) Dorico feels so much faster than version 2. In a full score with 44 players, adding a new player takes less than 1 second. Adding notes is without any lag and moving objects around in write mode is smoothly. Looking at my monitor, I see that Dorico uses 330 mb ram, energy impact is 15 (not sure what this means), processor uses around 40%.

Dorico 3 ripping along here, my sense it faster than Dorico 2, I’m on a Mac though



Dorico3 crashes when I close the new lyrics editing window. I’m on Win10 pro.

I haven’t turned condensing on yet, though it’s one of the big features that prompted me to upgrade on day 1 (the other being guitar tab). I’ve double-checked that it wasn’t turned on by accident. I’ll try raising a ticket.

Don´t give up just like that, It took me many hours to even understand Dorico 2, after using Sibelius and Finale for decades.
When you ask for help, you get all the help needed, I had sound issues a couple of times, worked through them, now I understand my soundcard better.
And Dorico 3 is absolutely awesome. just my advice, give it some patience, like studying a Bach score, the rewards are worth it.
My humble 2 cents anyway.

Haven’t used it on a mac yet, but on windows it switches between modes and layouts noticeably quicker than 2.2.

Ben, can you please zip up and attach the project in which you encountered this crash, and do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, which will produce a zip file on your computer’s desktop with the logs and things we will need to investigate this problem?

Dorico 2 is a separate program. You can run it if you really need to.

Just out of curiosity, because I had these exact same symptoms back in version 2, have you checked to see if this light is on when you are NOT working?

MIDI Activity.PNG

It’s been behaving better today. I found it would work fine for a while, then suddenly slow to a crawl, but shutting down Dorico and the Stenberg Hub, then restarting, set everything back to normal working speed. I’ll keep an eye on the Midi activity light, though, in case it’s the cat playing with the keyboard (which would be worrying, as I don’t have a cat). I’ve managed to get some work done, so I’ll see how it goes.

@asavage643 - I understand Dorico 3 files are not compatible with Dorico 2. I suspect there’s no way back, though.

Dorico 3 files ARE compatible with Dorico 2. The caveat is that if you’ve used some feature that’s only available in Dorico 3, like fretted stuff or harp pedalling, that won’t show in Dorico 2, and if you save that file in Dorico 2 that material may disappear from the file entirely.

another thing to check if things are sluggish is that if you’re on windows, quite often (more often than I like) Windows itself is chewing all your CPU doing things like scanning things with Windows Defender, or running dot net optimizer (my personal favourite culprit). Check task manager to make sure your CPU isn’t being saturated by something other than Dorico.


Reboot before getting back to it. See if you still have a problem. If not, suspect a memory problem — not saying there is one or where but that’s where I would look.