Dorico 3 very slow and no playback at all

Hi, I was running Dorico 2 which until yesterday was running fine on a new Macbook Pro 2.2gHz i7 running OSX 10.14.6 but suddenly became very unstable and stopped playing back at all. On attempting playback it would always hang then crash. I was planning an upgrade to 3 so have done that and I am very frustrated to note that it is doing pretty much the same, but worse than that it is unusably slow.

It has not crashed as such yet but hangs when I try to playback and the play button becomes the stop button but nothing happens. I can hear sounds in Halion which is loading up as normal but Dorico does not seem to communicate with it.

When trying to input or select notes it is very very slow indeed. I have lots of work to do this week on Dorico and am now struggling to get it done please can anyone advise? Again, this is a fresh install using all the default settings. I attach a diagnostic report but as it is not actually crashing I do not know if this will help at all? Thanks in advance.
Dorico (312 KB)

I can see a few warnings in your log file that suggest the slowdown is due to incoming MIDI events building up and not having anywhere to go because there’s no audio output set. So try going to Edit > Device Setup and select the device and sample rate.

According to the logs, Skihorn did run Dorico 3 only 2 times. First from around 9:13 to 9:22 and then once more at 9:28.
The first run seems to have run normal as some audio device was set properly.

The log for the audio engine is empty for the second run, which suggests that it is hanging somehow.

@Skihorn: Please move the Dorico window to the side and see if some hidden windows are behind it.
It could be that the audio engine wants to raise some alert window(s) that wait for prompt behind the Dorcio window.

If it is not, please open Activity Monitor and watch out for a process called VSTAudioEngine.
Is it there? If yes, is the state ‘not responding’? What is it’s cpu usage?

Hi, thanks for your fast responses.

I ran Dorico 3 only twice because the symptoms were precisely the same as in Dorico 2. I reinstalled D2 yesterday which also failed to change anything so I decided to try the upgrade to D3 but no change. Again, its a standard install, no destinations changed.

There are no processes running or screens awaiting a promt. I have attached the activity monitor and D3 window screenshot, I do not know if that is showing anything unusual… It shows the play button switched to the stop button but nothing else is going on.

I have set audio engine to built in as it should be for the moment and the sample rate is 48K.


…and another diagnostic report if it helps…
Dorico (322 KB)

Please try again to play back. If it is not doing, go to Activity Monitor and click on the little cog-wheel at the top of the window, a pop-up menu appears from where you choosse ‘Spindump’.
Save the output of the Spindump window, zip it up and attach here. Many thanks.

The logs are still showing some of the warnings that MIDI events aren’t being processed by the audio device. It seems like there’s something not quite right with the setting of the sample rate. Could you try switching the sample rate to 44100 to see if it’s happier with that? Do you have any other audio software running at the same time, or any utilities that might be changing the sample rate externally? Do you have any bluetooth headphones connected?

Well, I am not sure how this has happened but on about the third reboot since the installation and nothing having been working, it has now decided to function normally. I have not changed anything at all. No settings, no audio in/out changes, no hardware changes, no software - nothing at all. Obviously I am very pleased that it is working but it troubles me a little that it should be so erratic - more to the point I have lost about 4 hours in trying to fix it…

Thanks for you help in any case.