Dorico 3 with Portable version Kontak

Just downladed the latest version of Dorico and I´m still impressed about the new features mainly the great option to use easily VSTs!! :open_mouth:

However I have an issue I can´t solve. I would like to use Kontak 6 portable version. I use to use this version and really happy with that, but I´m not able to find the way to upload this to DORICO. I have already uploaded to the white list some other staff as omnisphere, komplete kontrol, etc. so working great, but not portable version…

Anyone knows if it´s possible with DORICO 3?

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Careful offering your support to those using cracked Plugins. There is no Kontakt portable version.

Will there be any legal problem happen to Ulf due to his reply above helping someone troubleshooting compatibility issues with cracked Kontakt release?
(I know some of them are purchased Kontakt users but just fed up with Native Access things. I occasionally use Kontakt portable on my gaming Bootcamp Windows with my purchased libraries for test purposes, but I never share my purchased copy of sound libraries / vsts to others.)

I am sorry for leaving this rude comment, Ulf, but I strongly suggest you to talk to your legal consultant in your company to assess whether your reply above is safe to both you and Steinberg. Both your company (Steinberg) and Native Instruments are having their headquarters in Deutschland, being governed by the same legal system.

It’s probably safe just to remove the thread. I would rather Ulf and the team use their resources elsewhere.

Oh, I was not aware that Portable Kontakt is a cracked version, therefore I deleted my initial response.

A more general answer may be helpful to the general public (dealing with VSTs installed in non-default directories on Windows) if it is written together with a legal disclaimer claiming that it is not written for resolving compatibility issues with cracked plugins.