Dorico 3 won't start and now Dorico 2 won't start either

I’m using Windows 10:

Installed Dorico 3 Pro but it won’t start at all, hanging on the splash screen with Audio engine: Waiting for connection.

Using Task Manager to kill Dorico and to kill VSTAudioEngine makes no difference.
Switching off computer, waiting and switching on again makes no difference.

Re-installing NotePerformer makes no difference.

AND EVEN WORSE… Dorico 2 Pro won’t start either (same problem) so I can’t do any work & am in the middle of an important project. It was working fine before I installed the upgrade to Dorico 3

Any suggestions to get back up & running?

Oh dear! System restore?

Have you installed the NotePerformer patch?

Have you tried running the eLicenserControlCenter in administrator mode and let the maintenance task run?

When starting Dorico, are there maybe some alert windows hidden behind the splash screen?

Since Dorico is not starting up, you can’t let it create diagnostic reports, therefore please do the following:
In File Explorer navigate to /Users//AppData/Roaming/Steinberg.
There are folders for Dorico and VSTAudioEngine, please zip those folders up and post here.

Leo - thank you, yes I applied the NotePerformer Patch but to no avail.

Ulf - thank you - yes I ran all the maintenance routine on the eLicenser Control Centre.

I think the attached is what you were asking for

Meanwhile new problem - I haven’t yet downloaded the Dorico 3 sounds, & wondered if that might be an issue, but now I can’t open Steinberg Download Assistant either. The 2 attached error messages come up instead

I have also tried disabling my 3rd party firewall (Bullguard) but that has made no difference.

This morning Dorico 2 was loading perfectly & I was working. The problems have all arisen after installing Dorico 3, but now I can’t get any work done in Dorico 2 or 3.
Download assistant error1.jpg
Download assistant error2.jpg
as (881 KB)

My Windows 10 computer just had a major operating system update. Maybe you got mixed up in that? There were some problems getting Dorico 2 to work.

May have cured it!

I noticed that certain websites were also refusing to load, such as the BBC, and after Googling for a solution decided to reset the TCP/IP by opening command prompt with administrator privileges and typing

netsh int ip reset

pressing return & then rebooting. Then everything (Dorico 3, Steinberg Download Assistant) was working!

Hopefully this will stay sorted… I’m installing D3 Sounds as I write this.

If anyone else has the same problem - not being a computer expert at all I’m guessing that updating the eLicenserControlCentre somehow interacted adversely with the Bullguard Firewall and caused all sorts of problems.

Thanks for all your suggestions

That’s very interesting. I don’t think the elcc would affect your networking, though if your networking is messed up then that certainly will affect elcc and Dorico. The logs you sent showed that Dorico was asking the audio engine to start and then waiting for a response. They communicate through the network stack, so if Bullguard isn’t working correctly then this explains exactly what you’re seeing. The fact that Bullguard have this in their FAQ suggests that it’s something that happens a lot to users:,-what-do-i-d.aspx

Good work on finding the fix! Hope that allows you to continue with Dorico 3.