Dorico 3

I was wondering how far off Dorico 3 might be. I understand that the latest release is supposed to be the final phase of the 2 incarnation.

Many thanks.

They don’t pre-announce release dates. They have stated they like to release in time for the back to school spending period. 2.0 was released on May 30, 2018. Infer from that what you can.

The pre-Christmas release was supposed to be the final 2.x version, until the story changed.

Version 3 will come when it comes. “Watched pots never boil” (and similar proverbs) may apply :wink:

The next release I’m expecting is a bug fix, and will presumably be 2.2.something.


Maybe I misremember, but I thought that 2.2 was announced as the last major version (i.e. adding functionality). It doesn’t surprise me that there is a bug fix patch planned before Dorico 3.

I do really hope for some important bug fixes in the near future.

The last update to Dorico 1 was 1.2.10 on February 21st 2018 (quite a few things in there). Dorico 2 came out on May 30th 2018.

Put me down for a fiver for the last week of May for Dorico 3. I never win these things so you can guarantee it won’t be that.

The Dorico 3 upgrade will generate a lot of needed income for Steinberg. That puts it in the “sooner rather than later” category, for me.

Hmm … if Steinberg want to generate cash, an update to one of their big existing apps like Cubase or Nuendo is probably going to pull in a lot more dollars than Dorico. So that might put it in the “later rather than sooner” category…

Interesting. So, it’s anyone’s guess!

Thanks for chiming in, everyone.

They just did that with Cubase 10. That is getting mixed reviews. Some people like it a lot. Some people are finding it unreliable. Many people are waiting for the promised patch level that will implement ARA2 to provide proper support for Melodyne. I’d say there would be a major revolt if they tried to roll out a paid Cubase 10.5 release any time before about July 2019.

But I suspect they will get a lot of revenue from the free patch level. I know I am not bothering to upgrade until that level is available.

And remember, this is ultimately a Yamaha company, so I suspect they aren’t as focused on week-to-week cash flow as some smaller software companies are.