Dorico 30% off + Educational Pricing?


I’m very interested in the Dorico 30% off discount being offered through today (1/23/2020). I’m wondering if this can be combined with the educational discount. I’m a professor at a university, and want to encourage my students to take advantage of this offer, but they’re all on a tight budget**. If these discounts can be combined, this would make getting Dorico Pro more possible for them. I’ve looked but am striking out on information about this. Thanks in advance for your help, and all best.

Joshua Stamper
Jazz Studies and Composition
School of Music | Cairn University

** I’m aware of Dorico Elements, but I think the Pro version would accommodate their needs best.

“Educational products are not included in this promotion: for information about buying Dorico and other Steinberg products at a special price for students, teachers and institutions, please visit the Steinberg Education Shop, or contact your local reseller.”

Thanks so much for your help, Derrek.

All best,

Joshua Stamper