Dorico 4.0.10 Audio Engine: waiting for connection

It was my first time to install Dorico. After I activated it on “Steinberg Activation Manager”, I only get as far as the first screen where I either get the message - ‘Audio Engine: waiting for connection’
Nothing then happens.
I have checked my activity monitor, when I opened Dorico 4, it appeared on monitor’s list, but VST AudioEngine didn’t.
Here’s my Dorico 4 logs.
Dorico (17.2 KB)
I have tried rebooting a few times - no difference.
System details
Windows 10 Education

Hi @Guanyu_Chen , welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your trouble.
But don’t worry, we will get you up and running, soon.
Most importantly, as it seems that the audio engine is crashing on start, have a look in your Documents folder, there are the subfolders Steinberg/CrashDump. Is there anything inside the CrashDumps folder? I suppose so. Please zip up everything in there, or if it becomes too big, the 5 most recent items and attach here please.
Second, at the place where you gathered the Dorico log files, next to it is also a ‘Dorico 4 AudioEngine’ folder. Please also zip that up and post here. Than kyou very much

CrashDumps File is empty. There is no file which is called Dorico 4 AudioEngine

I found a file called “VSTAudioEngine5” , tried to open it. It didn’t work.

I tried Dorico SE 3.5 too, however, I could open VSTAudioEngine3.
Steinberg’s helpcentre have published an article to solve this problem. It said that “Groove Agent” or “Eucon” caused the error. I found Groove Agent’s files under the path of Common Files, deleted it, and there was no file include the name of Eucon.
It doesn’t work.

Here’s the article on helpcenter.

Hi @Guanyu_Chen , that error dialog which says something about “SetThreadDPIHostingBehavior” is the decisive hint. It means that you are running a Windows 10 older than version 1803. So you have to upgrade your Windows 10 in order to run Dorico 4.

Thanks!I will try upgrading soon!