Dorico ( effects not working

In my current project none of the effects I add in the inspector are working. I have other projects that this works just fine. Not sure what is different. I did load older projects and the effects in those still work, so that tells me it may be a setting in the current project’s preferences. However I did not change anything in preferences that I am aware. How else can I debug this? A couple of other quick notes. The previous projects use Bias FX with Shreddage guitar. This project is using the effect EW Spaces. I did confirm EW Spaces does work in my other DAW with the same instruments. Also It looks like none of the other effects work in this current project as well. For the instrument I have tried to change it, tried: Pan Flute HALion, Pan Flute EW Ra, and Pan Flute Ventus. Thanks!

Someone is likely to ask you to create a diagnostic report and post it, or post the file, so we can get a better idea what is happening.

Hi @jp7 , welcome to the forum.

Derrek is right, please load that project with the not working effects and then choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file please attach to a reply here. The contained log files will give me a better overview of what is happening on your system. Thanks