Dorico 4.0.31 Barline and Key Editor Grid Issues

Hello Dorico team,
I hope you are doing well! :slight_smile:
I would like to report two bugs that I have found in Dorico 4 :

  1. Related to the Barlines - Switching “End Repeat” to “Final” barline at the last bar.
  2. Key Editor Grids visual glitch - I suppose this is a HiDPI related issue. While zooming some grid lines missing. Check the following screenshots:

  • My Dell 23,8 inch (QuadHD) screen is set at 125% DPI

More information can be found in the project attached bellow:
Dorico Pro 4.0.31 Final Barline & Key Editor Grid Issues.dorico (649.3 KB)

I hope these issues can be fixed! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Oh, I’ve had these for a while… Including in 3.5.

The reason you can’t change an existing non-default barline into a final barline by clicking the appropriate button in the panel is that Dorico really needs to remove the bar division that gives rise to that special barline, but it isn’t doing so at the moment; you can work around this by selecting the end repeat barline (or whatever kind of barline you have there) and hitting Delete.

The display issue you experience with the thin grid lines comes down to an issue of sub-pixel positioning; there is a trade-off to be made here between the grid lines appearing unevenly spaced or appearing unevenly thick. We have chosen to use the method that works best on high pixel density displays, where thinner lines can be drawn more accurately without falling at sub-pixel boundaries. The disadvantage of this is that on lower pixel density displays, lines that fall at sub-pixel boundaries may appear a slightly different thickness than those that fall at precise pixel boundaries. But we have judged this to be preferable to forcing the lines to appear at precise pixel boundaries, which would result in the grid lines appearing unevenly spaced.


Hi Daniel,
Thank you very much for the reply! :slight_smile:
About the Final barline:
There are workarounds, but would be nice if we could achieve the desired result in the expected way. Without additional workarounds. :slight_smile:

About the Grid lines issue:
Thank you for the detailed explanation! :slight_smile: But I’m wondering why did you decide to take this approach while still in the music industry FullHD and QuadHD screens are more widely used than 4k or 5k?!

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile: