Dorico 4.02 becomes unresponsive & freezes (pinwheel) when I try to quit

Dorico freezes when I try to quit the desktop application. I get the pinwheel from time to time on other projects as well.

I’ve attached a diagnostic report, which I hope I’ve done correctly. I opened the troubled project and created a diagnostic report.

It seems to be only this project, but I just created an empty big band score with NotePerformer, and when I quit, it took about 10 seconds with the pinwheel.

The application also seems more sluggish since upgrading to 4, and my project sizes really haven’t gotten any bigger… Any ideas why this may be?

Dorico (3.1 MB)

Thanks for the data. It contains several crash files of the audio engine, that’s the reason why Dorico becomes unresponsive, because it waits for answer from an audio engine that does not exist anymore.
Two of the crashes in the audio engine are in SSDSampler5, this is where we can do nothing, you have to notify Steven Salte on that one. The other crashes though are clearly on our side. I will enter your case to our bug tracking system and we will have a deeper look.
Thanks for reporting

Thanks, Ulf. Can I send you the problem project as well? I just tried changing the playback template to silence, and it’s still freezing up.

Yes, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

just sent it