Dorico 4.1.10 small bug/kink

Unless I miss some “dont’s”, there is small kink.
The steps to reproduce:

  1. Open an existing project
  2. Open another project without closing the current one
  3. Close the first project.
  4. The second project (i.e. the one that is still open) becomes non-responsive to playback (also, you can’t open mixer).
    I tested that with existing projects and also with two tiny test ones.
    Closing that non-responsive project and re-opening it fixes the problem.

Not a significant problem, but perhaps somebody from the development team someday will fix it.

Igor Borodin

P.S. Forgot to mention: Mac mini macOS 12.4

Did you try clicking the Activate/Deactivate sound button on your remaining file?

activate sound

What are your settings in Preferences/Play/Project Activation?

Yes. Activating that button doesn’t make other playback controls active.

@FredGUnn :
The settings are as shown in your screenshot - i.e. default

I’m on a PC, but I just tested with 2 projects as you described, and the second project seems to play back fine after closing the first on my system. Are you just using the Halion sounds? Or another VST? Hosting in Dorico or externally in VEP?

Thank you for following up.
The settings are standard: Halion hosted in Dorico.

After you click the “power” button on the toolbar in the inactive project, if you wait a few seconds, the power button should light up, indicating that all of the sounds have been loaded.

I do realize that with release of Dorico 4.2 you have more than enough on your plate.
So, the bug that I came across is not urgent.
Nevertheless, it’s still there in the Dorico 4.2
Here are the diagnostic report and the screenshot that shows that even after clicking the power button, non of playback controls are active.

Dorico (1.4 MB)

To clarify: the power button was manually clicked after ≈ 15-20 sec of no action(s) at all.

Leave this one with me – one of our testers has reported something along similar lines, but we’ve not yet had a chance to look into it.

I know this isn’t particularly helpful, but I have seen this myself recently (4.1.10 on Mojave). I also got Dorico to hang after closing the second (unresponsive) project. Unfortunately I didn’t have time yet to investigate further since the 4.2 update. I’ll try to dig up diagnostics, or better still, a reproducible case.

On my machine - Mac mini 2018 - that bug is 100% reproducible.
Yet, judging by the replies, it’s pretty uncommon.

@dspreadbury As a begin, this is a fresh diagnostics file as generated by my current Dorico 4.2 before opening any project. I see 3 crashes and 1 hang.
Dorico (3.9 MB)

Another user with the same experience. I have just upgraded to Dorico 4 (4.2 updated) yesterday and I’m trying to do a brass transcription of an orchestral work. Every time I open the 2nd + window, despite the LIVE button being on and default on, the new window just hangs.
I need playback of both ensembles as I am revising the piece as I transcribe it and need to audition each change with that particular combination of instruments.
Running Windows 10 on a superfast laptop.
Cheers Pete

PS I’ve just noticed that the LIVE button is lit, but the activate button in the Transport Window is not - just tried to Activate the TW and it has hung with the error message “transport window not responding”

As usual, the best course of action on our part is to provide development team with diagnostics data.

Dorico (900.1 KB)

I had the same issue today after opening a second project, activating it, closing it and wanting to reactivate my first project.