Dorico 4.1 can't launch in OSX 12.4

I’ve try to clean reinstall and check my component folder to .
Still can’t launch.
I can’t find Dorico 4 AudioEngine in my username’s lib preferences
Dorico (3.7 KB)
Activation (88 KB)

Plz help me because I need my dorico T____T

Hi @Yao_Shu_Huan , welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your trouble.

Dorico does not even get to the point of starting the audio engine.

Please go to /Library/Applications Support/Steinberg/Components and post a listing or a screenshot.
Also, please try to temporarily rename that Components folder to something else and then launch Dorico, does that work then?

I find out the crash of dorico 4 is because the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series.bundle in components
But I need this in cubase.
Any idea?

Hm, that’s difficult then. There is no real solution to it, only hacking and that is not recommended because it might lead into trouble in the future.
But just to mention it, you could move the Kontrol S bundle into Cubase’s private Components folder which can be found in the Cubase app itself. But if you update Cubase or Kontrol S this might lead into funny situations, because the installers don’t know about such manual move and it is undefined what is going to happen.
On the other hand, we could find out together with Native Instruments, why Kontrol S is crashing or hanging Dorico, but that could take a long time, so there is no immediate solution in sight.
Question again, was Dorico crashing (really stop executing) or just hanging (not responding anymore) after launching? If it was crashing, could you please look for Dorico crash files in the Console app and provide them to us? Thank you very much