Dorico 4.1 crashes on 'Loading User Library'

Hi everyone. I have just updated Dorico from 4.0.31 from 4.1 on Windows 10, but it keeps crashing and doesn’t start properly. It stays on the slpash screen with the message ‘Loading User Library’ and then crashes. Does anyone know what is causing this problem and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.

This has happened to a few people including myself. Ulf helped me changed the name of the file: userlibrary.xml

Then start Dorico again. You may need help finding that file. I did.

I found the file you mentioned and removed (renamed) it. Now it works just fine. Thank you for your help!

That’s great news glad I was able to help. On my computer the whole folder was hidden so I couldn’t see it.

Renaming it means it doesn’t get loaded and Dorico creates a new one. So you should delete that file now.

userdefaults.xml does contain various settings that you’ll need to re-select, like application preferences.

Hi, that’s right, Dorico will create a new file if it can’t find one. But I did advice to rename the file rather than deleting it because people might want to recover some data from it or for the case that Daniel maybe wants to see it for debugging purposes

Dorico will only create a new userlibrary.xml file when you next save any settings as default in the dialogs in the Library menu. My advice would be to avoid doing that for the time being, so that when the next little bug fix update is available, you can drop your existing userlibrary.xml file back into that location and pick up where you left off.

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